CHADD of Tucson

Its strength is its membership

When you join CHADD, you become a Member of the nation's leading organization completely dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with AD/HD.

CHADD is also a national network of parents like yourself, parents who understand the day-to-day challenges you and your family face.

For the adult with AD/HD, CHADD provides support and advice to help you organize and manage your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.


    • Access to the most up to date information from a variety of medical, legal and social sources.

    • ATTENTION! Magazine highlighting the latest Developments in research, assessment and treatment for the adult with AD/HD.

    • Updates from inside the CHADD organization featuring programs and progress reports of on-going advocacy and education efforts that impact those affected by AD/HD.

    • Forums and support groups to communicate with others who have experienced similar challenges and successes that result from AD/HD.

    • And you can join the CHADD Family for just pennies a day.

CHADD Membership Categories

New Member/Renewal

Membership includes the option of listing on CHADD's Online Professional directory.

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