Adults with ADHD Support Group Speaker Presentation Slides

The following are PDFs of PowerPoint presentations given by speakers at the Adults with AD/HD support group for CHADD of Tucson.

The presenters are as follows:

2018 Employment ADHD: Kevin Blake, Ph.D.

ADHD & Driving: Kevin Blake, Ph.D.

Auditory 1, 2, & 3: Linda Norrix, Ph.D., CCC-A: Clinical Associate Professor, University of Arizona, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences – Information Related to Auditory Processing Disorder

Bellis Subprofiles: Handout from Dr. Norrix's talk

Cogmed Research Presentation: Thomas Brunner, Ph.D.

"Cowhage" Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Talk: Kevin Blake, Ph.D.

TCC Budgeting Saving: Victoria Ligon, Professor University of Arizona

Vocational Counseling and AD: Kevin Blake, Ph.D.