CHADD of Tucson




DID YOU KNOW?  The meetings are free and open to the public.



The Second Wednesday of Every Month

From 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Facilitator: Kevin T. Blake, Ph.D., P.L.C.

All meeting are conducted over Zoom

Dr. Blake will send you an email with the Zoom link several days prior to the upcoming meeting. If he does not have email address you can contact him with it at the following phone and/or email:

Dr. Blake's phone: 520-327-7002

Dr. Blake’s email:

If you wish to be removed from the email reminder list contact Dr. Blake a the above phone, or email and he will make that happen.


DID YOU KNOW?  The meetings are free and open to the public.





DID YOU KNOW?  The meetings are free and open to the public.



Topic: Open discussion meeting to discuss the issues that arose for you during the pandemic and to answer questions.

Facilitator: Dr. Sarah F. May

Where: Zoom. There will be no in-person meeting due to the pandemic.

How: send an email to Dr. May if you plan to attend at Then Dr. May will send you a Zoom invite to attend. If you are not sure you are not on the mailing list and you see this notice and wish to attend send an e-mail to Dr. Blake at the above address expressing your wishes.

Dr. May's phone: 520-317-5507 (Please leave a voicemail; no texts)

Dr. May's email:

Meetings are free and open to the public!



CHADD Family Info & Support Meeting

Thursday, May 23rd, 7- 8:30 p.m. via Zoom


To RSVP: Contact Dr. Sarah May

Call/Text: 520-317-5507




Keeping Your Cool Through Summertime

As the school year ends – this month is the perfect time to discuss the transition to Summer Break. We will review strategies to help your ADHD kids (and you!) make the transition to Summertime as smooth as possible. We’ll also review the school year and ask…What went well this year? What do we need to change for next year? How can we find some rest this Summer?

Please bring your challenges and advice for other parents and caregivers. You are not alone!

Need support related to a different topic? Join us anyway! There will be plenty of open discussion time for general support too.


We will be meeting as a Zoom-only group. 

To attend by Zoom, you will need to request an invite.
Only 8-10 people may attend, so call, text or email Sarah May for the invite.

520-317-5507 |


DID YOU KNOW?  The meeting is free and open to the public.




Support & Strategies 

Through Shared Experiences

Are you tired of trying to hold it all together on your own?

A support group could be the missing link. 

                                           Come learn more about AD/HD.

                                   Our shared experiences may be your chance 

to find the support and strategies that will work best for you.