Fundraiser Volunteer Positions Sep 21st - Oct 24th

Ticket Sales and Fliers – 2 to 4 Lead Volunteers (Sep 21st - Oct 21st)

         Lead Volunteers:                   Other Volunteers:  Kevin Lockwood, Elsa Jewett, Rick Franz

          1. Fiery and Passionate about CGPP

          2. Coordinate all ticket sales and flier postings for specific areas around Denver and vicinity, helping decide where to sell tickets and post fliers

3. Track how many tickets are sold and how many still available, restock individuals with tickets, fliers, etc. as needed

4. Help target corporate sponsors for table sales.


Silent Auction – (Link to Auction Items) 2 Lead Volunteers (Sep 21st - Oct 24th) (Plus help from Elsa, Jan and Kevin)

          Lead Volunteers:                   Other Volunteers: Valency Gorman

1. Detailed orientated skills needed (the silent auction accounted for half of the money we made at last year's fundraiser)

2. Coordinate all Auction Item Solicitors – who make calls or in person talk to people and ask them to donate items/service for the auction (Preferred value $50 or more)

3. Keep spreadsheet of everyone that is donating to the auction and item info

4. Coordinate Item Pick up of items donated for the auction and associated brochures or business cards 

5. Gift Certificate Print out

          6. Auction Item display layout for auction

          7. Create and Print out bid sheets for auction       

          8. Auction Item list printout for dinner tables

          9. Auction Item set up – day of event

          10. Auction Checkout the night of the event

          11. After the event, contact winning individuals who didn't pick up their items

Marketing – 2 Lead Volunteers (Sep 21st - Oct 21st) (Plus help from Kevin, Rick and Jan)

              Lead Volunteers:                   Other Volunteers: Markus Stobbs

1.   Create Press Releases

2.   Coordinate team to Distribute Press Releases to Radio, TV, Newspaper Calendars

3.   Telephone follow-up on press releases

4.   Send out info to Event Calendars

5.   Help people get the word out through email using Facebook event invitations (already in motion)

6.   Public Interest Articles/Interview about week we are in the school and fundraiser

7.   Let other Peace organizations know what we are doing and invite them to come

                  8. Offer ticket giveaways to Radio Stations


Administrative Duties - 2 Lead Volunteers (Sep 21st - Oct 21st) (Helping Jan, Elsa, Kevin, and Rick)

              Lead Volunteers: Rolando Salina, Katey Haley              Other Volunteers: Valency Gorman, Margot Zaher

              1. Create name tags for all volunteers and CGPP board and associates

     2. Distribute Name Tags the day of the event

     3. Create list of Sponsors to thank and make sure the list is shown at the Event

     4. Create Pay Pal/Bill Pay payment system for the Event and Donation Table

      5. Set up CGPP Product Sales, Info and Giveaway table: T- Shirt Sales, Magnets, DVD’s

      6. Organize Registration Table

      7. Facebook sign up table

      8. Assist Rick with Video Presentation needs

      9. Coordinate Registration Table


Catering Help - 15 to 20 Volunteers (Helping Joe and Specialty Catering) (21 & 22 Oct)

         1. Wednesday Oct 21 Prep Day – Specialty Catering (30402 Hilltop Drive,Evergreen, Colorado 80439) - Joe Davinroy

                   - 3 People Prep Food and Pack Van 

                     9:30AM – 3:00PM

         2. Friday Oct 23 Clean Up Day – Specialty Catering (30402 Hilltop Drive,Evergreen, Colorado 80439) - Joe Davinroy
                    Volunteers: Kevin Lockwood

                   - 8 People Clean up Staff - China and Catering Pans

                     10:00AM – 4:00PM


Volunteers to be Placed
Single Volunteers of Denver (6-10 people)

Room Decorations and Catering Help Set Up (4PM - 6PM) - Katey Haley??, Jennifer Jazwierska??

Registration Set Up and In-Processing (4PM - 7:30PM) - Heidi Larner, Margot Zaher, Valency Gorman, Katey Haley??

Greeters (6PM - 7:30PM) - Jennifer Jazwierska

Silent Auction Set up and Check Out (4PM - 6PM)(8:30PM - 10PM) - Heidi Larner, Margot Zaher, Valency Gorman

Sound and Video Set Up and Pick Up (4PM - 6PM)(10PM - 11PM) - Rick Franz, Steve Bross, Kevin Lockwood, Rolando Salina??

Donation Pick Up and Processing (8PM - 9:00PM)

Room Clean Up (10PM - 11PM) - All Volunteers

Catering (4PM - 11PM) - Closed Toe Black Shoes, Black Pants, White Shirts (Joe has tuxedo shirts) - Joe Davinroy              

                   - 6 People Set Up - Tables, Chairs, Linen, China

                      4:00 PM – 6:00PM

                   - 8 People Kitchen and Wait Staff – Food Service and Bussing Tables    Volunteers: Kate Sanks, Cathy Kamino

                      6:00PM – 10:00PM

                   - 6 People Clean up Staff - Chairs, Tables, Floors

    10:00 – 11:00 PM

                   - 3 Bar Tenders – Beer and Wine    Volunteers: Ananda Wick

                      6:00PM – 10:00PM

Volunteers not yet placed:

Jacqueline Houby & Elle
Robert Henderson & Andomeda
Lynn Varone
Shereen AbuSaeedi
Dayna Rae
Linda Commito
Sandra Boyd
Nona Pandil