CalArts now offers an online form to submit hours for hourly student positions. To use this automated system, click this link: 

Your time card is not e-mailed to your supervisor.  All Theater School students must print their time cards and take them to their supervisors for authorization.  Turn in the authorized time card to the Company Manager, Christy Willits in the Theater School for payment.


Aug-31 Sep-13 Sep-10 Labor Day Holiday Sept 7 Sep-18
Sep-14 Sep-27 Sep-24 Oct-2
Sep-28 Oct-11 Oct-6 (Tues 2pm) Oct-16
Oct-12 Oct-25 Oct-22 Indigenous Peoples Day. oct 12 Oct-30
Oct-26 Nov-8 Nov. 5 Nov-13
Nov-9 Nov-22 Nov. 17 (Tues 2pm) Nov-25
Nov-23 Dec-6 Dec. 3 Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 26-27 Dec-11
Dec-7 Dec-20 Dec. 15 (Tues 2pm) Winter Break 12/18 - 1/14 Dec-23
Dec-21 Jan-3 Dec. 21 (Mon 2pm) Winter Break 12/18 - 1/14 Jan-8
Jan-4 Jan-17 Jan 12 (Tues 2pm) Winter Break 12/18 - 1/14 Jan-22
Jan-18 Jan-31 Jan-28 MLK Jr Day Jan 18 Feb-5
Feb-1 Feb-14 Feb-9 (Tues 2pm) Feb-19
Feb-15 Feb-28 Feb-25 President's Day, Feb 15 Mar-5
Mar-1 Mar-14 Mar-11 Mar-19
Mar-15 Mar-28 Mar-25 Spring Break 3/20 - 3/28 Apr-2
Mar-29 Apr-11 Apr-8 Apr-16
Apr-12 Apr-25 Apr-22 Apr-30
Apr-26 May-9 May 6 May-14
May-10 May-23 May 18 (Tues 2pm) May-27
Graduation May 21st last day of Workstudy

Note changes in due date and/or time may change due to holidays.

  • If changes are made you will be notified.
  • Workstudy periods are when classes are in session and supervisors are here.
  • All students must be registered and have completed the hiring process before they can begin working.
  • Work over school holidays, winter and spring breaks are by special permission only and must be approved in advance by the General Manager, Stephanie Young.