Theater School Handbook and Guidelines

Theater School Handbook 

Attendance Policy

Winter Session 2018

The Theater School Winter Session (January 8-19, 2018) encourages: immersion in study or activity beyond regular coursework; exploration of new and unfamiliar subjects and topics; intensive study; deep reflection; and crossover among programs. Winter Session encourages students to go deep into one endeavor, rather than working on many things simultaneously. Click here for more info.

Project Dates

All dates are maintained on the School of Theater's Production Calendar.

Financial Aid

As a student in the School of Theater, your first stop for assistance with financial aid is Leslie Tamaribuchi. 

Funding Sources

There are numerous sources for funding at various levels for students seeking assistance around the institute.

Student Payroll

Students with work-study and stipend jobs, as assigned by the School of Theater, must fill out their time cards online. Please turn them in before the deadline to ensure you are paid on time. 

Click here to Access Student Payroll

Graduating Actor Showcase

Click HERE for the 2017 Actor Showcase Site, where you can RSVP to the New York and Los Angeles events, and access links to our graduating actors' headshots/resumes and on-camera work.

Portfolio Review

Click HERE for the 2017 Portfolio Review Site, which includes links to the work of our design and production students.

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