Parking Garages


Most parking garages are ventilated with exhaust fans that run continuously, wasting valuable electricity and potentially removing heated air. CO GUARD is designed to control these exhaust fans based on the concentration of CO or NOx present in the space. Multiple sensors are connected to the central control panel. When the sensors detect a hazardous gas, CO GUARD automatically determines the correct speed at which the fan needs to operate. The operation of the fan removes these hazardous gases to maintain a safe environment.


  • Maintains CO and / or NOx at safe levels
  • On / off or variable speed fan control
  • High concentration safety alarm
  • Fan / equipment failure alarm
  • Control of motorized intake damper actuator
  • Interlocks to building Automation and Fire Systems

Heavy duty construction

Unlike other gas monitoring systems, CO GUARD is built in a NEMA 12 enclosure which is designed to protect the electrical components from moisture, dust and water. Power indicator and system fault lights are present on the front of the control panel for easy viewing. A through-the-door disconnect is present so users can safely and easily remove power to the fan for maintenance.

Industrial components

On the inside, CO GUARD uses high-end electrical components to ensure maximum safety and reliability. A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is included for variable speed fan control. This helps to maximize energy savings and also delivers critical feedback about the health of the fan motor. Common issues like motor over-current, loss of phase, over / under voltage will all be detected by the system.

Robust controls

CO GUARD features a fully programmable industrial grade PLC. When there is a need for ventilation, the controller activates the fan to the appropriate speed. Features such as a high concentration alarm, fan motor anti-short cycle timer, and fault detection are all standard. If there is a fault with the fan motor or VFD, CO GUARD will detect the issue and send an alarm. This feature alone is a major improvement in safety when compared to a convention exhaust fan which does not relay any fault information.

Fighting drafts

CO GUARD has the ability to control a remote damper actuator. When there is a need for ventilation, the exhaust fan is started and the damper actuator is simultaneously opened. These motorized dampers can replace existing fixed intake louvers and help further reduce heat loss from the garage. In addition to energy savings, this feature can help prevent undesired hot water or sprinkler pipe freezing issues.

Hundreds of installations

CO GUARD is proven technology known for reliability and serviceability. Hundreds of installations and customer testimonies stand behind its reputation as the CO monitoring system with the highest concern for safety.

Bottom line

In most garages where CO GUARD is implemented, fan use has been reduced by over 90%. This results in a significant savings of electricity and natural gas (when the garage is heated). The typical return on investment for heated garages is less than 1 year. Built Climate has the ability to audit and estimate these savings for every garage. For a no obligation consultation, contact us today.