Energy Audits

Data Acquisition

Built Climate offers cost efficient solutions for quickly and accurately acquiring information from existing HVAC systems. The data is used to inform building operators on the efficiency of their systems and help make capital investment decisions. The data can also be provided to engineering firms for further energy analysis and professional recommendations. These systems typically include:

Water chillers

Cooling towers


Make-up air units

Heat recovery ventilators

Domestic hot water use

and more!

Data points such as temperature, humidity, current (amps), and fluid flow can be recorded instantaneously or continuously for any length of time. These recordings can be used to determine the electrical consumption of the equipment for energy efficiency improvements, or find defects for maintenance improvements. The data is recorded for a given period of time which can be as short as a few days or as long as multiple years.

  • Built Climate mobilizes a technician to site to install the required sensors, data is then transmitted live to a centralized server where it can be instantly displayed to the customer.
  • Temperatures, such as those for a domestic hot water supply, can be trended. Large fluctuations or other abnormalities in boiler operation can be identified.
  • This information can help determine when equipment is operating inefficiently, by trending electrical consumption.
  • By recording data, operators can determine the actual load profile of their building or process.
  • Performance of a new heat recovery chiller can be confirmed and data can be submitted to the local utility company for government incentives.

Discover savings

Most audits from Built Climate have an ROI of 1 year of less. Improvements can be made to even modern HVAC equipment. Sometimes the results are obvious and changes can be made immediately. All results are proven with actual data.

Built Climate has the ability to audit most HVAC applications. For a no obligation consultation, contact us today.