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This is your "24/7" location for Parents and Schools to access information regarding CTS courses available to BTPS students through our BTPS-Lakeland College partnership.

Learn about updates and details regarding CTS-Lakeland registration here and check back frequently for any updates.

Online Dual Credit Courses will resume for the 2nd semester. If you are interested in taking any of the courses offered (left side of page under Dual Credit Courses) download a 2021 registration form and submit it to your school Principal.

Update Oct 2020:  
Lakeland College asks all students adhere to Student Re-Entry Practices:  
  • Masks are mandatory and the 
  • Daily assessment is mandatory 
    (students pick School of Trades & Technology when filling in document daily also if they could use CTS – in front of their name)
You can find further instructions here: Lakeland Re-entry Instructions
It provides a good overview of what is expected from students.

Update Jun 15/2020:  
**Latest information to parents regarding Registrations and Covid-19 restrictions - click here-

Registrations and FAQs are on the course pages listed at the left.

BTPS high school students are you looking for:
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    • Visit the course pages listed at the left.
    • Download-able forms; look on course pages
    • Registration procedures; look on course pages
If you have any questions, contact your principal.

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  • Register students:
    • through the on-line registration form on the course page (at the left)

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