If you have not heard back from our office in terms of a registration, please do not send your child to the school bus stop.  You will have to transport your children until you hear directly from your bus driver.    As we are still receiving new registrations your bus driver may wait until a few days before school starts to notify you of pick up and drop off times as times may change with every new registration.  With the high volume of new registrations it may take our office 1-3 business days to process your application and we are closed Monday, September 4, 2017.  If you have any particular questions, please feel free to email us at transportation@btps.ca and we will answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.  

Welcome to the Buffalo Trail Public School Transportation Online Registration.  Our intent is to save parent/guardian time and resources when registering their child(ren) for the school bus.

Student transportation services shall be provided in support of student attendance at school.  School buses are an extension of the classroom and all policies and regulations regarding student conduct in the classroom apply to buses.  Student supervision to, from and at the bus stop is parent/guardian responsibility.  The Board shall establish transportation service areas for eligible students in a manner consistent with provincial statutes and regulations or where agreements have been established with other school authorities.  Eligibility for transportation will be determined as per provincial regulation.   

Transportation service areas determine a student's designated school.  The distance to the designated school determines a child's eligibility for transportation funding as per provincial regulation.  If you would like to know your child is eligible for transportation, please call the transportation office and we can find the distance for you or you can check it our for yourself by going to our Bus Planner website at https://busplanner.btps.ca/.  You must reside 2.4 km or more away from your designated school to be eligible for transportation funding.  If you are not eligible you will be required to pay a fee.  If you are an eligible student, but ride two different buses, you will also be required to pay a fee to ride the second bus (i.e. transportation to a caregiver's residence or second primary residence).

Your designated (closest) school is the school that is found within the transportation service area boundary for which you reside.  For most families this is your closest school.  Please see the transportation service areas on our website at www.btps.ca/view.php?action=documents&id=301 for more information.

Buffalo Trail Public Schools does the school bus transportation for East Central Alberta Catholic Separate Schools in Wainwright, Vermilion and Provost areas.  Intown bussing in Wainwright for ECACSS is done by the Blessed Sacrament School themselves.  Please call 780-842-3808 to register.  

Buffalo Trail Public Schools does the school bus transportation for the Lloydminster Public and Catholic School Divisions for rural Alberta students who reside in the Lloydminster transportation service area.

Please select the appropriate registration for the transportation service you are requesting on left side of this web page.  

Payment plans are available, and you can pay by cash, cheque, money order or we now have the option to pay online.  Find your school on the BTPS website, click the school your child attends (ECACSS, LPSD, and LCSD students will have to go to the Transportation Department page), select the parent page of the school's website, and select pay fees.  All you need is your child's ASN number. 

For more information, please call the Transportation Department at 780-806-2052 or 780-806-2054.

If you prefer a printed version of any of the Transportation Registration forms please visit our website at http://www.btps.ca/Transportation%20Registration.php.

For information on our transportation policy click this link http://www.btps.ca/documents/general/701BP%20-%20Student%20Transportation%20Services.pdf

For information on our administrative procedures click this link http://www.btps.ca/Section%207.php

Yard Service and Turn Around Applications, Boundary Exemption (Resident) Bussing, and Cross Jurisdiction (Non-Resident) Boundary Exemption Bussing must be done by completing a printed form.  They can be found on our website at http://www.btps.ca/Transportation%20Registration.php.

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