This is the information hub for the Berkeley Student Cooperative Board of Directors.

If this is your first time here, you are encouraged to check out the "BSC Basics" section for a few quick intros to the nature and structure of our Co-op.

Spring 2018 Board Meetings

All meetings start at 7 PM. E-mail 
president@bsc.coop with any questions.

 Date Locations Main Agenda Topics
February 15 Rochdale Common RoomHabitability Incentive Program, Payscale Proposals, Strategic Planning Process Proposal, Finance Training, Budget Update
March 1 Rochdale Common Room BSCIT Policy Proposal, EACom Update, CFCom Update, Board and Committee Budgets, BSC SWOT Analyses, Strategic Plan Analysis
March 22Rochdale Common RoomBUDGET
April 19TBD
May 3TBDCabinet Elections

For a more detailed version of the above schedule, please see the Spring 2018 Specific Plan.

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If you're interested in changing something about the way our co-op works, check out the "Participate" page and learn how to bring a proposal to Board.

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