Spring 2021

Hello, welcome to the Board of Director's page!

Check out the "BSC Basics" section for a few quick intros to the nature and structure of our Co-op.

If you're interested in changing something about the way our co-op works, check out the "Participate" page and learn how to bring a proposal to Board. All BSC members can attend Committee, Cabinet, and Board meetings.

Here is the Zoom link to join our Board meetings:

They start at 7pm PST on the following dates:

April 15
April 29
May 6 

Get Board, Committee, and Cabinet updates, agendas, and announcements by joining this group. Tell your friends and learn about the spicy things happening at the Board.
If you are interested in learning about the various committees of Board and what they do, check out the "Committees" page. Please allow time for VPs to edit their websites.

Fill out this Anonymous Feedback Form only viewable by the President if you have any sensitive concerns.

Email president@bsc.coop or zwan@bsc.coop with any questions.

2021 Spring