This is a brief guide to the various committees of the BSC and what they're about.

The "Adjudicative Committees" are responsible for deciding cases of Member's conduct and policy violations. They are composed of voting members elected from a set of houses chosen by lottery, and a non-voting staff advisor. The Chairs of these committees are hired from the BSC's general membership. Also, the BSC's Member Advocate is almost always present.

These committees include AdCom and ConCom.

The "Advisory Committee" is a special committee made up of seven former BSC board members and executives that advises the Board periodically on issues.

The "Standing Board Committees" are responsible for implementing long-term changes in the BSC. They are composed of voting Board Members and non-voting staff/alumni advisors under the direction of a Vice President.

These committees include Cabinet, CFCom, ETCom, EACom, and IACom.

The "Review Committees" are in charge of reviewing the top executives in our co-op.

These committees include the PRC and EDRC.

The "Special Committees" have various unique duties. They have varying compositions, usually consisting of members-at-large, Board members, staff advisors, and alumni.

These committees include AuditCom, GovCom, ITCom, MaintCom, Personnel Appeals Com, and Investment Management Com.