Our first big project to begin the school year will be to research famous scientists that have laid the foundation for our science knowledge!  Students will choose a scientist to research and create a Google Presentation to show what they learned about their scientist.  In the science lab, they will conduct experiments to explain the discoveries of some of the scientists.  They will also create an egghead model and a diorama of their chosen scientist. 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  In the spring we will research different types of foods and learn about the "farm to table" process.  Each student will learn where their chosen food comes from and how it is made.  They will then create a digital story using Little Bird Tales to showcase what they learned.  Students will also learn and conduct experiments about soil and its importance, eating healthy, life cycles, composting, and plants and their needs. To wrap up this "green" unit, the students will be traveling to Blackwood Educational Land Institute in Hempstead, Texas for a true "farm to table" experience.  Students will collect their own eggs, pick fresh vegetables from the gardens, and make their own frittata.   

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