Peace, Love, ROBOTS

For the past four years, CSI has participated in the FIRST Lego League Competition.  CSI 6th graders will join other students around the world to research and create an innovative solution to a community based problem.  Teams will discover how to research and creatively present their solution.  

Teams will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using a LEGO Mindstorms kit.  They will solve a set of missions on an obstacle course.  

Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL's Core Values and positive teamwork.  Each year FLL has a different theme.  This years theme is Animal Allies.  

Please click, HERE , to read more about the  2016-2017 First Lego League challenge.

Fractured Fairy Tales

In the spring, we provide the students with a challenge unlike those they faced while participating in the First Lego League competition in the fall.  This project allows the students to focus on their literary and artistic skills.  The students choose a well known fairy tale and "fracture it".  To "fracture" a fairy tale means to take one element of the classic story and change it.  Once their story is written, they create their own characters and backgrounds.  Then, using iMovie they film and edit their video.  

Please click here to view the 2016 Fractured Fairy Tales.  Be prepared to be amazed!