CSI, Challenging Scientific Investigations, is a Brenham ISD Initiative that provides an opportunity for 2nd - 6th Grade Gifted and Talented students to explore science and technology as they read, write, solve problems, conduct experiments and apply science to their daily lives.  

Ms. Jennifer Ebel is the Lead Lab Investigator.  She has taught various grades and subject areas for the last 16 years.   She is excited to join the CSI team and has made the hypothesis that it's going to be an outstanding year in the Science Lab.  Can't wait to see the results.

Mrs. Kristi Felder is the Lead Technology Investigator.  Mrs. Felder taught 3rd and 4th grade math and science for 9 years before coming coming to CSI.  This is Mrs. Felder's 3rd year as the CSI teacher.  She loves the challenge of gifted students and is excited to work hard to keep CSI motivating and fun!

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Jennifer Ebel jebel@brenhamk-12.net
Kristi Felder kfelder@brenhamk-12.net