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Special tracks, held in parallel with the general conference, are an integral part of the conference. They provide researchers in focused areas the opportunity to meet and present their work, and offer a forum for interaction among the broader community of artificial intelligence researchers. Special track papers are required to meet the same standards as papers in the general conference and are published in the same conference proceedings.

Topics of interest are in all areas of artificial intelligence. In 2012, special tracks included Affective Computing, AI Education; AI, Cognitive Semantics and Computational Linguistics: New Perspectives; Applied Natural Language Processing; Case-Based Reasoning; Cognition and AI: Capturing Cognitive Plausibility and Informing Psychological Processes; Data Mining; Games and Entertainment; Intelligent Tutoring Systems; and Uncertain Reasoning.

Submission of proposals for special tracks is now invited. Proposals must be submitted to the EasyChair conference system. Special track chairs may submit papers to their own tracks. Those papers will be reviewed by two members of the special track's program committee and two members of the general conference program committee, and acceptance decisions will be made by the conference program co-chairs. Chairs of special tracks will work closely with the Special Track's coordinator, and are expected to respond promptly and communicate regularly in order to maximize the potential impact of the track. Proposals must be made using the special track template. Please include the following information in all proposals:

  1. Title of the special track.
  2. Anticipated numbers of submissions and accepted papers. A track may have up to 4 sessions, with 3 papers per session. Special tracks that fail to attract sufficient papers will be merged into the general conference or suitable alternative track.
  3. Names and contact information for the special track chair(s) and those who have so far agreed to serve on the special track's program committee. The program committee should be large enough for each paper to have 4 reviews.
  4. Promotional plans and materials, including a draft call for papers, specific plans for publicizing the special track (including possible conference/CFP announcement websites), and the names of any speakers you are considering inviting. (FLAIRS cannot offer any form of financial support for special track invited speakers at this stage.)
  5. Summary of any special tracks you have organized for FLAIRS over the last two years: special track title(s), year(s), number of submissions (full paper and poster), and number of acceptances (full paper and poster).

Proposals for special tracks: June 18, 2012
Notification of acceptance of special tracks: July 16, 2012