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It’s hard to believe that on Friday, 17 November 2023 it was the 44th Anniversary of Salem’s Lot's first broadcast. It aired on US television in 1979 as a 2-part mini-series on the CBS network between 9 and 11pm (ET), with the second part broadcast one week later in the same time slot*.

With the passing of so many years isn't it amazing that it still holds such a deep-seated place in the hearts and minds of countless people around the world?

If you've read this far let me take the liberty of assuming something about your visit here today. Like me, you’ve probably been wondering for years why there have been so few websites dedicated to the production, and, now that you’ve found one, you’re probably dancing a jig, punching the air with delight (or celebrating using whatever is your preferred method). Am I right? If so, then I’m dancing a jig, etc. right along with you, because, just like you, I’ve wanted this for so long. (If I’m wrong, then please excuse the slightly embarrassing jigging and punching thing, okay? Thanks.)

Having made such a bold statement this book has now got a lot to live up to. As said already, there are countless people who saw the mini-series when first broadcast (and still have deep affection for it) who are now in their mid- to late-40s and beyond. There are also a great many more who have seen the re-runs and the truncated theatrical release.

You and I are just two of them.

So, let’s go re-visit the quiet little town of Salem’s Lot...

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Many thanks.

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* Here in the UK it was first broadcast on Monday, September 7th, 1981 at 9.25pm (just after the 9 o'clock news) and the second part was same time on Wednesday, September 9th. [Thanks to Steve Morey for the info.]

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Two views of 'The Marsten House' - 36 years divides them.


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