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South Carolina Fire Academy Classes

Classes offered:

  • 3309 - Introduction to Technical Rescue
    • Password: Tech#Rescue15
  • 1412 - Carbon Monoxide AwarenessPassword: 17C0#Aware
  • 1414 - Photovoltaic (PV) 101:
    • Password: Fire#Solar
  • 1480 - Fire Chief 101
    • Password: FC101#2014
  • 1410 - Emergency Vehicle Response Awareness
    • Password: EVRA
  • 1415 - Emergency Response to Highway Incidents
    • Password: ERHI
  • 1450 - Improving Tactical Decision Making
    • Pasword: ITDM
  • 1451 - ISFSI - Thinking Firefighters
    • Password: ISFSIThinkingFF
  • ISFSI - Modern Construction Considerations for Company Operations
    • Password: ISFSI

South Carolina State Firefighters' Association

McNeil & Company (Free online training to any fire department with ESIP insurance)

The National Fire Academy (NFA) sponsors a variety of free training programs and activities to further advance the professional development of the fire service, including specialized programs for senior fire officers, emerging fire service leaders and members of the volunteer fire service.

Executive Fire Officer Program (EFO) ProgramA professional development program providing senior officers with a broad perspective on various facets of fire and emergency services administration.

Managing Officer Program

Take the first step in your career as a fire/ Emergency Medical Services manager with this new training program for emerging fire service leaders.

Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

An intensive six-day educational opportunity for volunteer and combination department emergency services personnel.

Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE)

Learn how the TRADE network helps fire service members to share and exchange training information