The McMenamin Lab

Our Questions

• How do developmental processes occur at the right time?

• How are bones of the skull integrated during development?

• What genetic and endocrine factors regulate the transition from larva to juvenile and from embryo to fetus?

• How do changes in developmental timing cause congenital disease or create evolutionary novel phenotypes?

Our Mission

We are an ecosystem of scientists asking novel questions about how vertebrates develop at different life stages. We work towards answering fundamental questions about evolution and biomedicine using the powerful zebrafish model. We strive to create an environment where researchers at all career levels can do our best possible science, and to be a platform from which successful scientific careers are launched.

Our Values

• Commitment: We are committed to asking exciting questions and producing the highest possible quality of science

• Communication: Good communication is the lifeblood of our lab , and the goal of all our research is to be disseminated to the broader scientific community

• Collaboration: Our work is inherently interdisciplinary, so we maintain excellent collaborative relationships with several labs with complementary interests

• respeCt: We respect ourselves, our lab mates, and our broader scientific and non-scientific communities

We understand that diversity is essential to excellence, and we are proud to create an inclusive, supportive environment for all sexual and gender identities, political, religious and areligious belief systems, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.