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James Monroe Jim  Barlow (Barlar) was born in Brick Church, TN., the 9th-born of William Henry Barlow (Barlar) and Susan Frances (Phillips).  An excellent horseman, he has often been remembered
as a tall, handsome man who cut a dashing figure as he rode about the countryside on horseback.  Jim was approximately 39 years old in the photo below.


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          Family Facts:           

  • Most of Jim's life was spent as a farmer, with a brief period given to running a country store with his older brother, Nathan.
  • It was during the country store period when he stepped in to stop a soldier just returned from the Spanish/American War from abusing a defenseless black man.
  • The youngest of his siblings, he was the only one of the brothers never
    to wear a mustache.
  • Both Jim and his wife, Nellie Kate, are buried in the Maplewood Cemetery in Pulaski, TN.
  • Nellie Kate (Pinkston)
    B: Jun 22, 1884
    D: Aug 09, 1964


Circa Late '30s or Early '40s
- Pulaski, TN -
James Monroe Jim Barlow (Barlar) w/wife, Nellie Kate (Pinkston) 



 1963 - Pulaski, TN
James Monroe Jim Barlow (Barlar) w/son, Woodrow Wilson Barlar



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James Monroe Jim Barlow (Barlar)
[B; 1870 - Giles County, TN]
[D: 1965 - Giles County, TN]
Robertson Fork, TN
Nellie Kate (Pinkston)
See Pinkston Records
[B; 1884 - Maury Co., TN]
[D: 1964 - Giles Co., TN]

  •  Permanent home: Giles County, TN.

Their Children:

   B    /    D:

         Sherman Jones Barlar 
         Jimmy Joe Barlar          
         Raymond Brown Barlar
    Jesse Everett Barlar 
         Woodrow Wilson Barlar
         Christine (Barlar) Redus
09/01/1904 - 11/07/1995
03/17/1907 - 09/---/1965
07/25/1908 - 08/27/1950
10/13/1910 - 12/12/1949
05/30/1915 - 04/30/1990
01/05/1920 - 09/12/2017


Sherman Jones Barlar       m.         Florence Rebecca Pinfield

     No Children

Jimmy Joe  Barlar              m.        Anna Jereb (1st ) | Tillie Macrowski (2nd)

  • By 1st wife:  James Barlar, Jr.
                        (Stillborn Jan 16, 1930 / Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Waukegan, Lake, IL.)                                        

Jesse Everett Barlar            m.        Kathyryn Hearn

     No Children


Raymond Brown Barlar       m.        Helen Trumble (1st)                                                                                       Aleta Anne Kitzmiller (2nd)

  • By 1st wife: Gloria Jane Barlar (1937 - 2011)
    Richard Brown Barlar (Deceased)
  • By 2nd wife: Karen Barlar m. Carl Purcell
                    - Carl Raymond Purcell


Woodrow Wilson Barlar   m.   Willie May Blair (aka Willa Mae) (1920-1966)

  • Larry Joe Barlar (1935-2018) m. Norma Jean Wilkinson
              - Sheri Jo Barlar
              - Kristopher Alan Barlar
              - Norman Wilson Barlar
  • Mary 'Joyce' Barlar m. Raymond Gene Tyrrell
              - Lisa Rae Tyrrell
              - Kristin Lee Tyrrell
  • Sheila Diane Barlar (Living) m. Louis Aloysius Collins, III
              - Jessica Lee Collins


Christine Barlar   m.  Herndon Dwight 'Jimmy' Redus (1910 - 1991) 

  • James Ronald Redus  m. Pamela Shandy
              No children.
  • William Michael Redus  m. Regina Kaye Nix
              - Kristine
    René Redus
  • Jennifer Lynn Redus  m. Mark Anderson
              - Joshua Alan Anderson
              - Lauren Christine Anderson