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John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar) was the 5th-born of William Henry Barlow (Barlar) and
Susan Frances (Phillips).  Twice married, he was the father of ten children (3 did not survive)
and his occupation was farming.  In the photo below, 'Doc' was approximately 48 years old.
He had turned 87 years old just one month prior to his death in 1949.  He and his younger
brother, 'Pink', passed away in the same year, approximately three months apart. Burial was
in the Lynnwood Cemetery, in Lynnville, TN.


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Death Certificate of John Maultsby Barlow (Barlar)


      Family Facts:           

_Between 1860 and 1880, the Barlow surname was dropped and Barlar became the surname commonly used by William Henry and his male offspring.  An exception was in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census record, in which, 'Doc'Barlow chose to list himself and his family by his true surname, rather than Barlar.

_His marriage to Mattie took place on Dec. 2, 1885, and his marriage to Zana took place on Sep 15, 1890.

_Martha 'Mattie' (Gifford) Barlow died just short of her 19th birthday.  Her burial place is in the Gilliam Cemetery, north of Minnow Branch Rd in Giles County, Tennessee.
Research provided by Wayne Austin.
John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar)  w/Family

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Circa 1930s - Lynnville, TN
John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar) w/Son 'Eugene'

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1910 - Giles County, 15th District (Lynnville) John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar) - Raw Census Image. 

1920 - Giles County, 15th District (Lynnville) John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar) - Raw Census Image A.

1920 - Giles County, 15th District (Lynnville) John Maultsby 'Doc' Barlow (Barlar) - Raw Census Image B.

John Maultsby 'Doc'
Barlow (Barlar)
mMartha Gifford (1st wife)
Zana Lou Coker (2nd wife)
[b: 12/23/1861-Giles Co., TN]     (1890)           [1871 - 1953]  Zana
[d: 01/23/1949-Giles Co., TN]     (1885)           [1870 - 1888] Martha 'Mattie'
... Permanent Home: Giles Co., TN (Lynnville)

Their Children:
     by 1st wife Mattie:
Clinton Barlow  (deceased age 2)
Infant daughter (deceased)
     by 2nd wife Zana:

           Walcie Rowena Barlar..........1891 - 1982 
           Allen 'Eugene' Barlar.............1895 - 1988 
           Florence Roberta Barlar.......1896 - 1985
           Elzie Clyde Barlar...................1901 - 1986
           Ruby Odelene Barlar.............1906 - 1974
           Frances 'Alene' Barlar...........1913 - 1991
           Doris Montgomery Barlar......1914 - 1992


Walcie Rowena Barlar    m.   Robert Shirley Carpenter

  • Zana Ruth Carpenter (deceased infant)
  • Mary Ellen Carpenter
  • Anne Clara Carpenter

Allen 'Eugene' Barlar         m.     Beulah Adams  [1889- 1989]

  • No Children

Florence Roberta Barlar     m.     Claude Alvin Waldrop, Sr   

  • Claude Alvin Waldrop, Jr.
  • Rayburn Cole Waldrop
  • Frieda Farris Waldrop

Elzie Clyde Barlar            m.      Donna McBride

  • No Children

Frances 'Alene' Barlar         m.      Joseph 'Earl' Gregg (1905-1984)

  • Donna Sue Gregg (Deceased)
  • Anita Ann Gregg

Doris Montgomery Barlar     m.    Akemore Elias, Sr.  (1914-19--)

  • Frances Christine Elias
  • Akemore Elias, Jr.
  • Dorothy Lou Elias - twin
  • Dolly Sue Elias - twin (deceased)
  • Ronald Duane unmarried (1945-2003)
  • Glenda Ann unmarried (1950-1986)