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Mary Ardena Barlow was the 1st-born of William Henry Barlow (Barlar) and Susan Frances (Phillips).  Sometime after November 1890, she and her husband, Will Ayres, along with the children they already had at that point, left Tennessee and traveled to Texas where they would spend the rest of their lives.  According to the records, Texas is where Mary, the mother of 13 children (3 sets of twins), gave birth to her last 3 children, including her 3rd set of twins. 

death certificate lists April 10, 1914 as the date she died in Austin, TX, when she would have been about 60 years of age.  In the photo below, Mary is approximately 41 years old.

Note: in the 1900 census report, Mary's date of birth is recorded as Mar 1853.  See the Records & Documents section of this website for additional Ayres records.



  • The original spelling of their surname is said to be Ayres, but it is also found as Ayers.
  • In 2005, after scouring the countryside outside of Austin, Texas, the efforts of Jenny Cummings, Nickols finally paid off when she located the grave site of her great-aunt, Mary A. (Barlow) Ayres.

    For over 100 years, the neglected and occasionally
    vandalized area has been Mary's final resting place.  We would like to think it would please her to know that some of the members of her family cared enough to search for and document the place she was buried all those many years ago. Many thanks to Jenny for her hard work and for providing photos of the area.



Will and Mary (Barlow) Ayres
Circa 1895 - Austin, TX


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Mary Ardena Barlow



Oct. 12, 1876

Giles Co., TN


William Allen Will Ayres

[B: 1853/54 - Giles Co., TN]

[B: 1855 - Giles Co., TN]

[D  1914 - Austin, TX]

[D: 1934 - Austin, TX] 



Their Children:

Robert Napoleon

Susan Inez

John Harvey

William Ransom

Hadna J. 'Addie'

Rosa May twin

Thomas Richard. twin

Milton Brown

Rena twin

Deena twin

Clarence Cleveland

Wallace Clifton twin

Walter Hays (Hay?) twin


    B     /     D:

07/19/1877 TN - 5/31/1958 TX

1878 TN - 1897 TX

07/19/1880 TN - 10/15/1950 TX

01/20/1882 TN - 03/31/1934 TX

05/__/1883 TN - 10/30/1968 TX

01/29/1886 TN - 11/21/1923 TX

01/29/1886 TN - 06/15/1930 TX

02/17/1888 TN - 04/19/1970 TX

11/28/1889 TN -

11/28/1889 TN - 08/21/1972 TX

01/01/1892 TX - 11/10/1961 TX

06/05/1895 TX - 07/22/1948 TX

06/05/1895 TX - 10/12/1947 TX


   Note: the 1900 census report lists 1889 as the birth year for Rena &

Robert Napoleon Ayers   m.   Lula C. Brinkley (1883 - )


Susan Inez Ayers           m.      Charlie Heard


John Harvey Ayers         m.   Tennessee Hickman 1st wife                     

                                               Alice Mussett (1890 - 1982) 2nd wife

(By 1st wife):
_Gussie Lou Ayers (Deceased Teenager)
_Mattie Mae (Ayers) Touchstone (1909-1997)

(By 2nd wife): 
_Mary Ruth Ayers (1912 -)
_Ella Lee Ayers (1913 -)
_Maude Marie Ayers (1916 - )
_John Howard Ayers (1918 - )
_Dorothy Alice Dottie Ayers (1921 - )
_Chester Ayers (1925 - )
_Tom Allen Ayers (1923 - 1999)


William Ransom Ayers    m.   Myrtle Evelyn Brinkley (1892-1975)


Hadna J. 'Addie' Ayers    m.   Henry Louis Heard (1878 - )


Rosa May Ayers twin      m.   Harvey A. Warren (1886 - )


Thomas Richard Ayers twin     m.   Verna Hickman


Milton Brown Ayers        m.  Josephine Howell (1890 - 1973)


Rena Ayers twin             m.    Ted Reid  (1890 - )


Dena Ayers twin             m.    Nathan Monroe Elliott  (1893  - 1968)


Clarence Cleveland Ayers   m.    Eula Mae Beckham (1893 - 1976) 


Wallace Clifton Ayers twin   m.  Annie Ruth Hamby (1897 - 1969) 


Walter Hays Ayers twin       m.   ??

  Walter is buried in Austin Memorial Park,
  Austin, Travis County, TX.