Tennessee Confederate Soldiers
Barlow - Lawrence County


Name   Unit   Company  State & Side Served  His Home    His Rank
Barlow, John S.
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(Film Number M231 roll 2)
Barlow, Charles P.
G (Nixon's)

Tenn Infantry  / Confederacy
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19th TN Cav CSA
Lawrence County
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Lawrence County
Induction:  Private
Discharge: Private



  • Men from Lawrence County enrolled on November 30, 1861 at Lawrenceburg and mustered in at Nashville on February 5, 1862.
  • Unit 54, Tennessee Infantry, Company B, became Unit 48 (Nixon's) Company G, Tennessee Infantry.   

    •  The Third Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company K., was the only complete unit from Lawrence County to serve during the Civil War.  A large number of men went to Nashville to join that unit, but were forced by the battle that was underway to split up and join different units.
    • In late 1863, the Lawrence County courthouse was spared from being burned, only because the Union Army's Major Gibbon and his soldiers feared that the Mexican War Monument, adjacent to the courthouse, would be damaged.
    • The last battle of the Civil War in Tennessee was in December 1864, at Sugar Creek, near Appleton -- in Lawrence County.   


 1911 Pension Application   
 BARLER, J. S.  County of Residence: Giles (Lynnville).  Unit of service: 48th, Nixon's, Infantry.

           Served in Battles: Chicamauga and Missionary Ridge.  Wounded at Chicamauga (shot in right hand) 11/20/1863.

           Furloughed:   11/20/1864   (four miles from  Mt. Pleasant, TN.)      

           Oath of Allegiance pledged:   03/16/1865              

           Filed for Pension:   03/25/1911 No. S12530 - Roll No. 87          

           Application Reviewed:   03/27/1911              

           Result:   Denied Four months later, in July, 1911, J. S. Barler died of consumption.

        His home in 1907: Lynnville, TN (R.F.D. #2)

        Description: Height: 5' 9"    -    Weight: 169 lbs    -    Hair/Complexion:  Fair    -    Eyes: Gray
__ J.S. Barler (Barlow) "1911 Pension Application" Researched by Mckinley Brown Barlar, Jr.