Marsh-Haywood Cemetery Maps

Researched by Wayne Austin

This topographical map shows the cemetery marked by a big red X.  It is not listed on any map that I know of but it should be due to its very large size and prominence.

This cemetery is found at:
  • Latitude 35 degrees 19.281' and 86 degrees 52.412' Longitude.
  • Elevation: 822 feet.

  • Approximate size: 200 x 200 Feet squared on an east/west line.

Directions to this cemetery from Nashville:
  • I-65 south Nashville and go 60+ miles to Exit 22 shown above on this map.
  • Exit left on Highway 31 Alt and go 6 tenths of a mile.
  • After crossing Richland Creek turn left into a long private drive.
  • After the turn the cemetery can be seen at the crest of the hill on the right, northwest about 200 yards in a clump of trees.  However, first go to the end of the driveway (shown below as a dotted line road) and access permission from the fussy owner. You will be called to the carpet for not doing so. Also stay off his crops/grass and fences and refrain from making his livestock nervous (loud noises) and I think you will be welcomed.

Maps from MS Terra & MapQuest. Modified for use here by Wayne Austin, 15 Jul 2008.