Confederate Pensioners of Tennessee


In 1891 Tennessee established the Board of Pension Examiners to determine if Confederate veterans applying
for pensions were eligible. Eligibility requirements included an inability to support oneself, honorable separation
from the service, and residence in the state for one year prior to application

Confederate veterans applied to the pension board of the state in which they resided at the time of
application, even if this was not the state from which they served.

The application lists the veteran's place of enlistment, unit, period of service, battles participated in, and
whether he was wounded or captured, as well as place of birth, number and gender of children, and value
of personal and real property.

Widow's pensions were first issued in 1905. These applications show place of birth for widow and soldier,
and information about their children. Proof of marriage was required, so marriage licenses often appear
in the supporting papers. Other items included are correspondence between the applicant and the Pension
Board, letters or sworn affidavits attesting to character and military service, and abstracts of the soldier's
service record furnished by the War Department.

Barler,  J. S. (Son of John Barlow of NC or VA) 
Pension application #:  S12530
County of Residence:  Giles
Unit of service:   48th -Nixon's- Inf.

Barlew,  William 
Pension application #:  S11703
County of Residence:  Grundy
Unit of service:   4th -McLemore's- Cav.

Barlew,  William 
WIDOW:  Barlew,  Libby
Pension application #:  W7321
County of Residence:  Grundy

Barlew,  Z. 
Pension application  #:  S1861
County of Residence:  Marion
Unit of service:   5th Cav.

Barlew,  Zebadee 
Pension application #:  S532
County of Residence:  Marion
Unit of service:   6th -Wheeler's- Cav.

Barlew,  Zebedee 
WIDOW:  Barlew,  Ella F.
Pension application #:  W7138
Unit of service:   Marion

Barley,  Joseph W. 
Pension application #:  S6299
County of Residence:  Hamilton
Unit of service:   3rd -Forrest'- Cav.

Barlow,  John J. 
Pension application #:  S1822
County of Residence:  Christian Co Kentucky
Unit of service:   Ky  2nd Cav.

Barlow,  Joseph 
Pension application #:  S10002
County of Residence:  Hamblen
Unit of service:   23rd Va. Bn. Inf.

Barlow,  Robert D. 
Pension application #:  S10453
County of Residence:  Weakley
Unit of service:   12th Ky. Cav.

Barlow,  W.A. 
Pension application #:  S3860
County of Residence:  Obion
Unit of service:   5th Ark. Inf.