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Military Service Of

Donald Cordell Barlar

 U.S. Navy

(Service 1962 to 1983)

Served in Tonkin Gulf for two cruises (1971-1973) on the 'USS Coral Sea'

In the Military Family:  

Don is the great-grandson of Civil War veteran, John S. Barlow (Barlar/Barler), and nephew of WW II veteran, Clarence Cordell Barlar.


Photo of Don Barlar Currently Unavailable

G.G. Grandson of John Barlow of NC or VA (1784/95-18_)
G. Grandson of John S. Barlow (Barlar/Barler) (1841-1911)
Grandson of Clarence Bernie Barlow (Barlar) (1890-1946)
Son of Brown Wilkes Barlar (1919-1969)

Birth Place: Giles County, Tennessee

'USS Coral Sea'

'USS Coral Sea' was the third MIDWAY-class aircraft carrier
and the third ship in the Navy named in commemoration of the
historic Battle of the Coral Sea fought in May 1942.

The first Coral Sea was CVE 57, which was later renamed
The second Coral Sea was CV 43's sister ship
'Franklin D. Roosevelt', which was originally named Coral
Sea. The ship was renamed after launching on May 8, 1945.

The USS Coral Sea was decommissioned and stricken from
the Navy list on April 30, 1990, after more than 42 years of
service.  The ship was sold for scrap on May 7, 1993, making
the Coral Sea the largest warship ever scrapped.