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EDUC 1300 Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success

This 3 credit-hour transferable core course covers topics and models for:

  • Self-awareness, goal setting, mindset, and motivation
  • Identifying and accessing college resources and services
  • Managing time and effort for successful outcomes
  • Reading, note-taking, writing, and test-taking skills
  • Effective learning, memory, and study strategies
  • Critical, creative, and practical thinking skills

This course is ideal for those who are:

  • Entering college for the first time
  • Returning after an extended absence
  • Having difficulties with their studies
  • Wanting to get the most out of their efforts.

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Testimonials: What students are saying about this class:

As I learned about myself as a learner, I began changing my habits to compliment [sic] what worked for me. The behavior change project was the major application of this. I have established a long-lasting block scheduling system of my time to make sure no day gets skipped for studying and ensuring I don’t have to cram for exams anymore. I am cementing more information with the repetition and overall becoming a better student for it.

My exam grades are improving as a result. ~ K.

I came to realize how target behaviors actually had real results if tracked and implemented ... Although at first I thought this project would not really help me, I ended up modifying my behavior, and had much morefree time, sleep, and better s tudying overall.

Reflecting ... made me assess my goals and personal habits which made me ... a better time manager so I would not procrastinate and instead do better academically. ~ L.

I look back over the past twelve weeks and they seem like a flash of lightning. I recall how upset I was when I was told I had to take an effective learning course, I felt that this was such a waste of time and really tried hard to get out of it. Twelve weeks later I am extremely thankful for what I have learned in this course. It has allowed me the opportunity to really take the time to explore myself and find a way to cope with situations that may cause stress in my life. I have learned a lot about what other students think and how they think, how we all have certain strengths and weakness and how we can work together to build on each other's aptitudes. It took this [Behavior Change] project for me to realize that I can make changes to my life and reprioritize what is important in order to achieve my goals.

One of the many things I have learned and will continue to use as I go on with my college experience is that learning is an experience and that we have to continuously learn how we learn in order to get better. Continue growing my learning techniques and taking responsibility for how I learn.

Overall this has been a great experience and growing opportunity for me. ~ R.