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This site is designed to assist our employees and their covered dependents with important information and resources regarding various benefits offered through AUSD.


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Important Information


To add a newly eligible dependent you will need to complete the appropriate enrollment form and provide documentation of the dependents eligibility (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption order, certificate of Domestic Partnership, etc.). Forms can be printed online, or secured at the District’s Risk Management Office. Completed forms along with supporting documentation must be submitted to Risk Management prior to coverage becoming effective.

Newly eligible dependents must be added within 30 days of their initial eligibility. If not added within 30 days, the dependent will not be eligible until the next Open Enrollment period.



When was the last time you have updated your Life Insurance Beneficiaries? 
Do you remember the beneficiaries you have listed?

If beneficiaries are not updated, the Life Insurance benefit may go to beneficiaries you are no longer in contact with.

To avoid this kind of scenario, update your Life Insurance Beneficiaries today!
Click on Forms tab to download and print the form.

You may contact the Risk Management office anytime to verify beneficiary information.


Any certificated member who wants to enroll in the Disability and Life Insurance up to the Guaranteed issue amount (see ATA Flyer for description) of $75,000 for member and if the member elects $75,000, the spouse or domestic partner can get $30,000 and children up to the age of 26 can get $5,000, with no medical questions being asked for these amounts through an extended date of May 15th.