Welcome to the International Exchange Program Arlington High School.

Arlington High School welcomes students from many countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. We believe that our International Exchange Program provides greater diversity in our school community.  It creates opportunities for American and International students to learn more about other cultures, while gaining a better understanding and respect for people around the world. 

Students may study at Arlington High School for one semester or a school year.

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in participating in the Foreign Exchange Program at Arlington High School 
must meet the following requirements before applying.

International Students may apply to be an Arlington High Exchange Student through one of the following ways:

1.  Apply through Educatius International.    This agency handles the application process and partners with Arlington High School to place students in our school.  The partnership continues through the entire exchange experience of each student, providing ongoing support for students and Host Families.

2.  Be related to or are friends with an Arlington family that is willing to host you.


Contact Information

Mary Villano
Coordinator, Foreign Exchange Program

Phone  781-316-3632
Fax  781-316-3504

email  mvillano@arlington.k12.ma.us

This poster was created by International Student from Italy, Eleonora Tramonte, 
and is proudly displayed in the main lobby of Arlington High School.