Welcome to the homepage of A. Matthew Francis

Matt is an expert in IC design, modeling and simulation, including in environmental effects. He is Founder and President of Fayetteville-based Ozark IC, Inc, a provider of custom integrated circuits solutions for all environments (from consumer grade to extreme). Beginning in 2019, Matt also serves as Council Member, Ward 1, Position 2 for the City of Elkins.

He has also volunteers as an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, and as chair of the Northeast Arkansas IEEE Ozark Section (2016-2019), and helped found the Elkins Robotics and Electronics Club in 2017 through that organization. He currently serves as the East Area Chair for IEEE Region5. Matt is passionate about entrepreneurship. Matt has written invited articles on the topic, mentors aspiring companies and students and, beginning in 2019, Matt will be serving with 8 other selected individuals on the national IEEE-USA Entrepreneurship Policy and Innovation Committee (EPIC) - IEEE-USA.

Matt has led a number of successful commercial product developments over his career (including models, hardware and software), and has led or contributed to research programs with organizations such as NASA, JPL, DTRA, DARPA, DOE, NSF, the US Army and the USAF.

Matt, originally from Tulsa, OK and his talented wife Lynn of Fayetteville began their journey "East of Fayetteville" in the late 2000's, renovating the Moore house in Baldwin, AR (on the corner of HWY 16 and Ed Edwards Rd.) from 2003-2007. They have lived in Elkins, AR since 2007, where they maintain a small farm that contains the historic 1896 R.H. Stokenburry house that they also renovated. In their spare time they enjoy horse riding, making hay and the art of antique tractor repair. Matt and Lynn are also former members and supporters of the Razorback Marching Band - where they met.

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