Director: Karen Stacks
Email: karen.stacks@adams12.org
Office phone: 720-972-6795

Schedule - per bell schedule

1st - Advanced Treble

2nd - Treble/Tenor-Bass Choir (We will call Concert Choir)

3rd - Vocal Jazz (Twilight)

4th - Chorale (listed as Chamber Choir on the schedule)

5th - Lunch

6th - Plan/Office hours

7th - Theatre I 

8th - Plan/Office hours

Year-long LEARNING INTENTIONS:   (with increasing complexity)

Performance schedule on CALENDAR page.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Legacy High School Choral Program is to provide students with music education in a creative learning environment where all students are valued, that teaches appropriate fundamentals, provides opportunities for individual and shared performances, and represents the school throughout the community,
region, nation, and world.

Music is an integral part of a comprehensive education.
It enables all students to discover and
develop their artistic potential through
musical experiences in listening, performing,
analyzing, moving, and creating.

In addition, singing has many health benefits including
lung development and strengthening,
posture correction, and neurological improvement;
including increased oxygen to the blood system
and the brain which results in increased concentration.  Singing is proven to provide confidence, discipline
and an energetic and euphoric lift. 

The choirs of Legacy High School include:  Concert Choir (Men’s Choir/Women’s Choir), Treble Choir (Advanced Women's), Legacy Chorale (Chamber Choir), and Twilight (Vocal Jazz).