Director: Karen Stacks 

Choir/Theatre Remote Learning Information 
M/W/F - 8:00-10:00 AM
T/TH - 3:00-5:00 PM

Email: karen.stacks@adams12.org
(If you need a zoom or google meets meeting, please email to request a time)

All classes will be working through a Google Classroom (invites with the code were sent out by email on 3/31 through IC messenger).  Specific announcements/assignments will be located on each class page.

Attendance During Remote Learning: 

Attendance will be recorded once per week on Friday.   For this course, appropriate evidence of attendance will be adequate/on-time completion of each assignment.   This work will be due on Wednesday by 4 PM in order to be counted for that week.


Assignment Grading During Remote Learning:

Between now and the end of the semester, I will continue to enter grades into the Infinite Campus gradebook as usual, so your grade may fluctuate.   I will enter a “missing” for assignments that are not submitted.   As a result, your grades may increase or decrease between now and the end of the year.   If you meet the criteria for maintaining a current grade (see below), I will manually update the grade when I post at the end of the semester.   

Please see below for more details about your final semester grade will be earned: 

Maintain a Quarter 3 grade at the end of the semester:  

  • I will continue to input numeric grades (i.e. number of points earned)

  • To maintain a current Quarter 3 letter grade at the end of the semester, you must 

    • Continue to engage in remote learning throughout our extended closure AND

    • Engage adequately in their work.  Adequate engagement is determined by the teacher based on the number of assignments completed and the quality of work submitted.  

    • If the above criteria are met, your grades will not be lowered at the end of the semester.   

  • Students who do not attend, do not engage adequately in their work, or do not complete work may see their grade lowered at the end of the semester.

Improve a current Quarter 3 grade: 

  • To improve a current grade, you should continue to do their work as assigned and attend every week.  

  • You will not receive extra credit; however, your grade can improve as they complete assignments and those assignments are factored into the overall semester grade.

  • Please reach out to me during office hours for additional help and support.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Legacy High School Choral Program is to provide students with music education in a creative learning environment where all students are valued, that teaches appropriate fundamentals, provides opportunities for individual and shared performances, and represents the school 
throughout the community, region, nation, and world.

Music is an integral part of a comprehensive education. It enables all students to discover and develop their artistic potential through musical experiences in listening, performing, analyzing, moving, and creating. In addition, singing has many health benefits including lung development and strengthening, posture correction, and neurological improvement; including increased oxygen to the blood system and the brain which results in increased concentration.  Singing is proven to provide confidence, discipline and an energetic and euphoric lift. 

The choirs of Legacy High School include:  Concert Choir (
Men’s Choir/Women’s Choir), Advanced Women’s Choir, Legacy Chorale (Chamber Choir), and Twilight (Vocal Jazz).


Email:  karen.stacks@adams12.org                                   
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