Reading and Listening Online

AAS has a variety of ways to access e-books and audiobooks!

Overdrive / SORA

Click on the basic Overdrive, or newer Sora link, and login. Overdrive and Sora are the same library system, just with different interfaces.

Students Grades 2 and up can log in with their ST number (ST-012345). The password is penguins for all patrons.

See a VIDEO on how to access SORA. Check our Troubleshooting page.

Find the Overdrive or Sora app on a device (smart phone, iPad, etc) and then search for our library's name to get access, "Anglo American School of Moscow."

Teachers and parents can request an account by emailing the librarians. Teachers use the last name, first initial log in, and parents use their email address to log in. The password is penguins for all patrons. and

Storyline Online

StorylineOnline is a wonderful internet site with lots of terrific children's books. Stories are read by actors with some of the video focused on the reader on some on the illustrations in the book. It is an open-access site sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild.


Click on the Tumblebooks link, and browse books, then click on any book to read it online.

Tumblebooks allows you to read easily in the browser, but you cannot download to any device.

Global Storybooks Portal

Global Storybooks is a free multilingual literacy resource for children and worldwide. Read, download, toggle, and listen to a variety of beginning-level illustrated stories from the African Storybook and other open sites. Languages includes French, Spanish, Korean, Polish and many others. Development continues at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Online Books - Especially Non-Fiction (for COVID)

ABDO just released its online libraries for Grades K-8 and Grades 5-12!! This publisher specializes in nonfiction books.

Online Books - Especially Non-Fiction (for COVID)

Lerner just released its online libraries for Grades K-5 and Grades 6-12!! This publisher specializes in nonfiction books.

Audible Free Options has just made some of their options FREE! Click here to listen to some of their incredible content.

Junior Library Guild

Junior Library Guild has released a free collection of Ebooks for all levels of readers. For Elementary access the username is JLGELM; for MS it is JLGMID; for HS it is JLGHS. For all the password is JLGFREE. You must use capital letters. There are some terrific books so dive in and explore.


We love podcasts and are avid listeners. Get started with podcasts by finding an aggregator for them - Apple Podcasts, Spotify, BeyondPod, Google Podcasts are all user friendly and simple.

Then, find some great ones.

Consider trying these recommended from the AAS Librarians For Younger Listeners

  • This Podcast Has Fleas - Cats and Dogs and Pets, told with funny stories.
  • "Kids Ask Authors" - Author Grace Lin interviews other famous writers to ask them kids questions such as "What would you give up to be a better artist?"
  • Circle Round” — Folk tales from around the world, told with the help of celebrity readers.
  • Story Pirates” — Stories written by kids are woven into a narrative about a musical-theater company’s magical misadventures.
  • What If World” — The improvisational storyteller Mr. Eric tells fantastic tales based on “What if?” questions submitted by listeners.
  • Calm Kids Podcast” — Two sisters, Lucie and Charlotte (ages 11 and 8), share their original stories.
  • Aaron’s World” — Aaron, a dinosaur lover, started this podcast when he was a kid to share dinosaur facts. It grew into a narrative adventure series that ran for five years.
  • But Why?” — The public radio host Jane Lindholm helps answer kids’ most burning questions.
  • Earth Rangers” — A sound-rich dive into nature and animal science, guided by Ranger Emma.
  • Wow in the World” — Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, radio and podcast stars, serve up science news with a heavy dose of silliness.
  • Smash Boom Best” — This debate show pits two awesome things against each other, encouraging listeners to choose their own winner.
  • Pants on Fire” — Kids are challenged to “spot the liar” on this game show, co-hosted by a robot.
  • Soundwalks” — Each short episode is a guided meditation through beautiful soundscapes.
  • Ear Snacks” — The children’s musicians Andrew & Polly explore different themes through songs and interviews.
  • The Music Box” — Each episode is a lesson about a musical concept featuring interactive activities.
  • Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child” — An hourlong show that will introduce the family to the best in kids’ music, every week.

Consider trying these recommended from the AAS Librarians For Older Listeners

  • Ologies: Each week Alie Ward interviews an ologist (often a scientist) about their work, their career path and asks viewer questions. It is a wonderfully informative and engaging show.
  • Serial
  • Last Seen
  • Embedded
  • Radiolab: A variety of topics, from one of their first episodes about Blood, the social context and biology under the skin, to Eye in the Sky, about a drone that tracks crime, to an episode about how we experience our Things.
  • Radiolab Presents More Perfect: One of the Radiolab authors spun off into a podcast all about the history and context and importance of the Supreme Court of the USA, and it is fascinating.
  • The Story Collider: This podcast takes scientists and gives them a platform to discuss their discoveries, their challenges, their triumphs, their inspirations, and more. It is science, it is a story.