Perth Virtual Reality Videos

Affordable VR video produced in Perth by my 5yo daughter. Let customers see the inside of your Perth property, in 3D with virtual reality tours. Great to embed VR videos on your web pages or good content your content marketer/social media marketer will love to post.

VR Video Training Perth

Working with VR videos is easy. Let us show you how, within a one hour lesson, you'll be an expert at getting the video from the VR camera to your computer and onto your web pages.

360° virtual reality video property promotion 4 hotels and real estate agents Perth.

Short virtual reality videos of big soap bubbles.

360° virtual reality video of kids dancing at Edith Cowan University Joondalup WA.

Cycling along the Canning River Perth.

You can mount virtual reality cameras on bike helmets.

VR video production for business events, expos, conferences in Perth.

VR videos are fully immersive 3D when viewed with goggles and an app such as Google's "Cardboard" app. My virtual reality goggles bought online were about $10.

All car dealers in Perth who invest $90 for a VR video get a free linked pin on the Google map of Perth Car Dealers

VR video of the Joondalup Festival.

Virtual reality videos of cycling in Perth WA.

Short VR video clip of a street festival in Perth at Mt Hawthorn.

Cycling near near the Swan River, Perth

Perth IT Support Office VR video in Burswood where I work Mondays and Wednesdays.

Virtual reality video of yachts from where Guy Hobbs (IM) and I sailed to Rotttnest.

Chinese Tourists on a canal tour south of Perth.

Our VR video camera can be mounted on a tripod or helmet to video action nearby, or mounted on a remote controlled vehicle, drone or boat or simply hand held.

More VR videos on Channel Perth our popular Youtube channel.

VR video clip of cycling along the Swan River, Nedlands, Perth WA.