Perth VR Costs


PREPAYMENT for your VR video production ($90) plus call out fee of $50 is the first step on the road to investing in interesting content for your content marker, social media marketer, web designer. If you want lots of people to see your content, then contact Ben at to find out how my videos have had over 2 million views.

  1. VR video production in Perth. The cost of a one minute VR production in Perth is $90 + $50 call out fee. www.PayPal.Me/4WebMarketing/140
  2. Twenty VR photos (360 degree photo-spheres) in Perth is $90 + $50 call out fee. www.PayPal.Me/4WebMarketing/140
  3. We'll waive the call out fee if you invest in BOTH a one minute VR video and a set of 20 VR photos discounted: www.PayPal.Me/4WebMarketing/180
  4. One hour training in Perth on how to embed VR videos on your Wordpress CMS web page. At our Perth northern suburbs office www.PayPal.Me/4WebMarketing/66 or including a call out fee to your Perth office www.PayPal.Me/4WebMarketing/116. If you want both training and either a VR video or VR photos then we'll waive the call out fee.
  5. If you have a lot of VR filming and VR photography assignments in Perth, such as a real estate agent wanting many properties VR photographed then prepay by going to www.PayPal.Me/4WebMarketing and entering a dollar value equal to the number of properties x $90. Free call out for more than one Perth property within 8km of each other.
  6. DISCOUNT VR VIDEO PRODUCTION: 25% discount VR photo and VR video production in Perth is offered to not-for-profit organisations. This deal makes it's the cheapest virtual reality production service in Perth. If you get the Google "Cardboard" app on your phone, we'll bring along our VR goggles so that you can show your members how to view the VR videos or VR photos in 3D.

Once you've:

  1. decided and invested in VR production via the Paypal links above,
  2. in which VR capture services: video and or photos in Perth you want
  3. when and
  4. how many assignments you want,

then please complete the contact form for each VR production assignment: