VR Photography Perth

A photo tells a thousand words, a 4K VR photo a million. Investment in the cheapest virtual reality photography service in Perth has many significant content marketing benefits.

  1. Interesting VR photos embedded on your web page hold visitors longer to your page. This sends a message back to search engines like Google that your page is worthwhile. It builds "page authority" which pushes your page up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  2. Interesting phoots on your website gets other sites to link to your site. More quality back-links to your site pushes your page up the SERPs.
  3. VR photos are interactive. For example it lets visitors look at features of your hotel room or real estate for sale which they want to pan and zoom to.
  4. VR photos present a fully immersive 3D experienced when viewed with cheap goggles you can buy online for about $10.
  5. VR photos are welcomed jpeg content in the hands of your social media marketer and web designer, in easy to use jpeg format with all the meta data already included in each jpeg photo. Upload to Facebook / Google Photos etc is easy and from there share to other social media and other online image libraries.

The photos of Perth in the slide show below are from, but are not VR Photos. To see non-distorted, VR photos of Perth click the links above. To see them in 3D download an app such as Google "Cardboard" onto your phone and insert your phone into a cheap VR goggle headset or dedicated VR headset such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

VR Photos Perth