Surfing Photos Australia

Slideshow of Australian Surfing Photos

The surfing photo at the top of this Australian surfing website was taken during winter surf at the Brighton Beach drain, 100 metres south of Scarborough Beach. You can add surfing photos to the Google surfing photos album via the link at the bottom of this surfing website. The Australian surfing photos were taken by Ben and Ben, mostly at Trigg Point, a popular (crowed) surf spot in Perth. Click the triangle below to start the slide show.

Surfing Perth

MORE SURFING PHOTOS, mostly taken in Australia.

Most of the above surfing photos were photographed in Western Australia's southwest and Perth. Cyclone driven swells can produce big wave surfing photos on the Gold Coast and northern NSW from cyclones like cyclone Oma. I learned to surf in Broome where cyclone surf at Granthinum Point got big too.

Cyclone Oma surfing photo

"Cyclone Oma" surfing photo at SuperBank from Snapper Rocks Tweed Heads to Kiarra on the border of southern Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, Australia.