Surfing Causes Australia


11am Wednesday 9 May, Parliament House.

Calling on the WA government to trial smart technologies such clever buoys and SMART drumlines, same as which the NSW Government has invested in.

#BeachGoerLivesMatter #SaveWAtourism

We surfers understand the risk of shark attack is small. It's the risk we take because we LOVE the sport of surfing. Government mitigation intervention or not, we're still going surfing. It's a sensational, not good look to have the world thinking don't go to WA because you'll get eaten by a shark. The ball is in the WA government's court to #SaveWAtourism. Surfers who know more about emerging technologies want to publicly advise/lobby the government direction at the rally this Wednesday. If the government fails to curb bites, (apart from banning surfing) let them suffer the repercussions of a tourism-led economic decline. THE WORLD IS WATCHING.