About Surfing Australia

Surfing Perth Australia

Surfing Australia .info (information) was established by a group of surfers in Perth Western Australia. It provides:

  1. General surfing information about surfing in Australia such as locations and events etc.

  2. Free lobbying for good social, environmental and surfer safety causes.

  3. A collection of surfing entertainment for old sea dogs, too lame to surf anymore.

  4. Discounted online advertising for Australian surf schools and advertising for Australian surf shops

About The Australian Publisher of Surfing Australia Website

SurfingAustralia.info's CEO. My name is Ben Grummels. I'm a keen, aging surfer based in Perth who hopes to inspire the younger generation of grommets coming through. I learned to surf at Cable Beach Broome. Surfs most of the time at Trigg Point, WA.

Favourite surf: Over darting tropical fish on the reef at Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Biggest waves surfed: Huge waves down south Western Australia.

Favourite warm water surf: Bali. Phuket surf during the cyclone season and small waves at Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand.

Ben is the publisher of www.surfingperth.com which is due for an update soon.

About my day job when I'm not surfing:


Ben's 4webmarketing.biz has donated time and real dollars for surfing corporate social responsibility (CSR) reasons. For example putting up political SW Safe Shark Group rally posters along Perth's Sunset Coast (northern beaches) and paying for social media marketing campaigns to promote Australian surfer safety causes. #beachgoerlivesmatter #SaveWAtourism

Ben Grummels

Ben Grummels, Perth, surfing Trigg Point

Ben Grummels

With a "natural" (left foot forward) surfer stance, Ben at 2 metres tall, crouching or laying down on my surfboard (big boogie-board), makes small waves at places like Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, in the photo above, look bigger.

"Ben Grummels"

Ben coming out of a small tube at Trigg Beach Perth WA.

Website development and digital marketing including the best SEO expertise in Perth.

At 68yo with a busted knee, I don't surf big waves at North Point, Gracetown anymore but I love glassy waves, no matter how small.