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The new surfing Australia website has just been born from an idea of a keen Australian surfer in Perth west coast Australia. I'm not saying the best surfer but with a surfing passion hope to advance surfing life style and healthy form of recreation for personal fitness. Also to provide information for visiting surfers on surfing vacation Australia wide. If you want to contribute to this surfing Australia site then post your message, and or photos on the Google Australian Surfing Album. Australian surfing photos can be uploaded via the link above to a surfing photo gallery.

International surfers coming to Australia should know that Australian surf can be HUGE and dangerous. Read signs on beaches placed by councils and Australian Surf Life Saving Clubs. Know that in certain seasons whale migrations are followed by sharks. If you're a beginner surfer, surfing lessons will not only teach you how to surf but be safe in the water for yourself and others. Lean surfing rules such as don't drop in.

After a spate of shark attacks and cancellation of the WSL competition at Margaret River, Western Australia, we support the use of smart marine technology to keep sharks and people apart and urge the Western Australian government to step up to fund this technology.

The best Australian surfing photo uploaded this year will receive 2 nights accommodation 100m from Trigg Point, near where the surfing photo at the top of this surfing web-page was taken and right at the best surf spot in Perth, Western Australia.

Surfing Australia

Photo of surfing heavy traffic at the popular Perth, Western Australian, Trigg Point reef to beach break which works best in the latter half of summer of the southern hemisphere. Link to more Surfing Perth photos below.