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Side Rails for Home Style Adjustable Beds

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The vital importance of having a solid safe mount!

Imagine trusting a rail that moves or shifts - one that relies on a nylon strap under (or around) a mattress that also shifts, on top of a moving adjustable bed. Imagine a person who needs that rail to be there; a person who may be large or may be frail.

We don't do that. Because its amazing the amount of force even a small person exerts just from their body weight, and the amount of leverage you have when holding, pushing, or pulling on the top of a rail. That's why our product is secured to the bed with STEEL BRACKETS which are easy to install with simple tools, and approved by all the major bed manufacturers as NOT affecting the integrity, function, or warranty of the bed. Yet it still moves with the bed. (Patents Pending)

Designed to meet today's resident care and home requirements. 

The Half Rail does not restrict or confine the resident.  When elevated, the Half Rail provides the resident with a conveniently positioned, stable, handhold to provide assistance when entering or exiting the bed, sitting up, or repositioning the body, while at the same time providing a reminder that he or she is at the edge of mattress. It can be removed to make the bed, or if the resident does not need the rail in the day time. 

Installation requires only simple tools, and we will be happy to walk you through the steps over the telephone.  Each set of rails comes with custom brackets and easy to follow instructions.  Technical assistance is available by calling our 800 number.