Programming Your Phone

The phone can be programmed from the phone and/or web portal


  • Log in using your district email address in lowercase (Example
  • Use password: Zionil14 (Case sensitive), You can change your password under the profile menu
  • You can add your voicemail to your email by selecting messaging then voice management -

Check the box email a carbon copy of the message to (type the email address of your choice).


Desk Phone

You voicemail pin is your extension number.

Steps with * must be completed

Select voicemail button

  • Listen to messages
    • press 1
  • Record busy greeting*
    • press 2
  • Record no answer greeting*
    • press 3
  • Delete message
    • press 7
  • Record name in Compile Voice Portal*
    • press * key
    • press option 5
  • Reset your pin in Compile Voice Portal
    • press * key
    • press option 8

Outgoing Calls

Outside of the District

  • You do NOT need to dial any numbers to make an outside call. Area code and phone number are required only.
  • You do NOT need to dial a 1 to make a long distance call.

Inside of the District

  • If you make an internal 4 digit call, it takes about 4 seconds before it starts ringing.
  • To call a number in another District building, you only need to dial the 4 digit extension.

Incoming Calls

  • By default a call from outside your building to a classroom, lab, or library, will go straight to voicemail during school hours. Calls from inside your building, will ring anytime so please be careful not to interrupt a class without good reason.