Pay Scales

certified Pay Scales

Certified Salary Schedules are based on degree level and years of experience. This set salary schedule is based on the contracted 182 day work calendar.

2021-2022 Certified Pay Scales

support Pay Scales

Support Salary Schedules very from position to position by a ratio and are given at an hourly rate.

2021-2022 Support Pay Scales

guest teacher daily rate

Guest Teachers are paid on a daily rate and are based on teacher certification. Guest Teachers must hold a valid Oklahoma Teaching Certificate to be considered a certified guest teacher.

  • Non-certified guest teachers - $75 per day

  • Certified guest teachers - $85 per day

  • Certified guest teachers who accept a long term position (20+ consecutive days) and are certified in the area of the subject or grade level will earn $100 per day for the first 20 days, $200 per day for any day following.

More information on becoming a Guest Teacher can be found at: YPS Guest Teacher Information.

Extra Duty Stipends

2021-2022 Extra Duty Stipends

pay dates

*If a pay date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the pay date will be scheduled for the day before.
  • CONTRACTED - 20th of the month

  • PART TIME / NON-CONTRACTED - 10th of the month

  • GUEST TEACHER - 10th & 25th of the month