Binding Blocks

Nuclear physics is an area of science that studies the nuclei of atoms. It’s about far more than just nuclear power. Researchers are studying everything from the shapes of nuclei to cancer treatments and medical imaging; from exotic nuclei (highly unstable nuclei that only exist for fractions of a second) to nuclear detectors used for national security; from how stars produce different chemical elements to how we can use the processes happening inside stars to generate electricity here on Earth. 

Explore cutting-edge nuclear physics research

Are you studying physics or combined science at GCSE, IGCSE, National 5 or equivalent? Find out more about our exciting Pre-16 online Nuclear Physics Masterclass.

Are you studying physics at AS-Level, A-Level, Highers, Advanced Highers, IB or equivalent? Find out more about our exciting Post-16 online Nuclear Physics Masterclass.

Do you teach physics at GCSE, A-level, or equivalent? Find out more about the curriculum-linked resources, loan kit, and teacher CPD we can offer.

Online Nuclear Physics Masterclass

A screenshot of the overview of the modules in the nuclear physics masterclass.

Join leading experts from around the world to explore cutting-edge research in nuclear physics. Explore topics from radiation and nuclear astrophysics, to fusion and medical physics.

The nuclear physics masterclass is a free, curriculum-linked course about cutting-edge research in Nuclear Physics and the applications of nuclear technologies. 

Ask questions to experts live during the weekly webinar, and get help throughout the programme on an online forum staffed by University of York physics students.

Teacher Loan Kit

We have a free loan kit available for schools, for use in Key Stage 4 and 5 Physics lessons (GCSE and A-level or equivalents).

The kit contains nuclear detectors, a cloud chamber, LEGO blocks to construct a section of the nuclear chart, and much more! This kit also ties in with the nuclear physics masterclass, making it a fantastic resource to use in your classes.

A cloud chamber, included in the loan kit, showing the streaks from background radiation, illuminated in a orange light.

Nuclear Researchers: Get Involved!

If you are a nuclear physics researcher and would like to be involved with the binding blocks project, please contact us at  We work in partnership to develop and deliver videos and online activities, physical resources, webinars, an online question forum, and mentoring.

We will be attending the STFC Nuclear Physics Summer School, taking place at Durham University in August 2024 to deliver two 90-minute sessions dedicated to public engagement. Find out more about the Binding Blocks suite of resources and explore the online activities and video content, the teacher-loan equipment, and the associated exhibition materials - all of which are available for access by or loan to any UK institution. Think about how you might integrate public engagement in your own context and develop your own content, with both peer feedback and that from experienced professionals. These sessions will form a springboard for anyone who wishes to collaborate further on projects, and/or to develop the necessary skills to act as school mentors in the ongoing nuclear physics masterclasses for school students.