Our Purpose

The Yuba City Education Foundation (YCEF) is a community-based, non-profit organization. Our mission is to remove barriers to learning in order to help students achieve a higher level of academic success. With business and community assistance, YCEF is able to partner with Yuba City Unified School District staff members and identify barriers to learning and meet those needs. These barriers present in the form items such as shoes, clothing, medication, temporary shelter, food and glasses. In providing assistance with these basic needs, children are better equipped to succeed in the classroom. 


The Foundation provides funds for special projects which benefit children throughout Yuba City Unified School District. A new track at Barry School, sound equipment at Riverbend Elementary, the observatory at Andros Karperos School and band uniforms at River Valley High School are just a few examples of the projects YCEF has funded. Additionally, the Foundation provides college scholarships for graduates and alumni of Yuba City Unified School District. This past year YCEF provided over $5,000 in scholarships.  

The Board of the YCEF is made up of business people, school employees and community members. If you are interested in supporting the Foundation or becoming a Board member please call 822-7601.

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