Integrated Arts CPT

Welcome to the Grade 9 Integrated Arts CPT Display!

To commemorate something is to recall it and recognize it by doing something. Through commemoration, we collectively recognize an event and through that process, we can learn about it, connect to it, and make sense of it. We share an experience together. Art plays a huge part in commemoration.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on the world and our daily lives. Each one of us has felt its impact and each in their own way. Some have experienced this more strongly than others, given their role in society. The pandemic has been an event that has lasted a long time with millions of different stories. The question is, how do we commemorate this event?

The goal for our three Grade 9 Integrated Arts classes was to create and organize a commemoration of the pandemic. We involved the entire school community in the process so that everyone had the opportunity to contribute their COVID experiences. While our plan was to create a dynamic installation in the Triangle at school, the emergence of Omicron brought new challenges and we made the difficult decision to showcase our commemorative art through this website instead. We hope you are able to share in our COVID experiences and reflect on your own through our artwork. Take a look :)