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2023 Writing Contest Winner!


By Maya Faulstich


Not the microplastic kind, the kind that is made 

by beams of sunshine

Reflecting off of prisms in the snow

I may shiver in the cold

but the chill invigorates me


Not the kind that sweeps from planes of sand, the kind that is made

by snow gathering itself in the trees 

And when there comes a breeze,

It lifts and sprinkles all around me,

Shivery confetti

Let's throw a party

There’ll be pompoms of snow

Fortresses of snow

Tiny little masterpieces melting in a millisecond on my finger of snow

Adrenaline rush


Sit in the wonder

how it transforms the world around me

how it quiets

how it protects

If ever I am trapped inside my room

Trapped inside my house

Trapped inside my mind

I only have to look outside

Where the sky reaches far beyond my eye

Where little red berries scatter themselves 

And little brown birds stop by

the world is stripped down to its barest state

For this short time

I am alive

2024 Art Contest Winner!

Art by Regan Sullivan

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