Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics

Welcome to the STEAM lab at HMS!

STEAM class at HMS is all about doing, with a curriculum grounded in the Next Generation Science Standards' (NGSS) eight practices of science and engineering. Activities and projects are student centered and hands-on. At each grade level, with an emphasis on safety, students will work in groups as well as individually to imagine, design, create and problem solve. Students will also engage in testing, evaluating and improving their work. Below is a sample of what students might expect.

5th Grade

  • tool use and safety
  • introduction to sketching
  • wood burning
  • flight simulator
  • straw rockets
  • Block coding with NXT Robots
  • introduction to 3D printing

6th Grade

  • tool use and safety
  • catapults
  • mousetrap race cars
  • flight simulator
  • coding
  • introduction to 3D printing

7th Grade

  • Initial wood project
  • exploration of bridges beginning with DaVinci's bridge
  • designing and creating jigsaw puzzles
  • coding
  • CAD design / 3D printing

8th Grade

  • electricity (resistors, diodes and LEDs)
  • clocks
  • mechanical cars
  • coding/app construction
  • CAD design / 3D Printing
  • Drones