Yale mathematics directed reading program

Program overview

The Directed Reading Program pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to read and work through a mathematics topic or text over the course of one semester. The pairs meet once each week for one hour, with the undergraduates expected to do about 4 hours of independent reading per week.

Students can select projects from the menu of suggestions by graduate students or propose projects of their own. Undergraduates will be paired with graduate students based on their availability and mathematical interests.

At the end of each semester, students get together to give short (10-15 minutes) presentations related to their projects.

Note that for graduate students with more than one project listed, not all projects may be offered.

Why should you participate?

  • You like math and have considered a mathematics major, but want to learn more about what math “is”.
  • You are interested in learning some math subject or reading some text and would enjoy having meetings with a friendly grad student to talk about it.
  • You know that the grad students are hiding in their cubicles all day and are doing mysterious cool stuff. This is your opportunities to know more about them mathematically and become friends with them!
  • Studying by yourself seems really daunting and now you can start with a group to effectively learn the material under older math friends’ guidance and get plenty of chance to explain the material to someone else!