A Virtual Bookshelf of Undergraduate Publications


A multimedia magazine by Asian Americans at Yale, featuring poetry, prose, and other forms of creative student work


An undergraduate multilingual magazine, featuring short stories, articles, and poems by students writing in languages they have mastered or are in the process of learning

2017 issue


An undergraduate magazine dedicated to furthering appreciation and understanding of the law

2013/2014 issue

The Boola

A student-run social news outlet, featuring articles and Buzzfeed-style quizzes and videos that relate to life in New Haven and at Yale

Broad Recognition

A student-run intersectional feminist publication, featuring political journalism and cultural commentary


China Hands Magazine

A student-run magazine featuring analysis of China-related politics and diplomacy, business and technology, and society and culture


Dimensions Art Journal

A journal of art and art history published by Yale undergraduates, featuring student artwork, articles, artist profiles, and interviews

2009-2012 issues


An annual interdisciplinary science advocacy publication run by Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students

Down Magazine

A weekly online publication by and for students of color at Yale University, dedicated to building bridges within and informing this larger community.

The Elm City Echo

A community-oriented literary magazine organized by Yale students, dedicated to providing a platform for individuals experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness to share original poetry and prose

The Environmentalist

An undergraduate review of sustainability and the environment published by the Yale Student Environmental Coalition, featuring a variety of student writing and art relating to environmental topics

Fiat Lux

A quarterly Yale journal of religious affairs, dedicated to promoting scholarship and discourse on a variety of religious topics

2010-2012 issues


An undergraduate academic journal, dedicated to investigating questions of human happiness, flourishing, and the good life from a variety of perspectives

2015 issue

The Foundationalist

A literary journal edited by students at Bowdoin College, Yale University, and the University of Iowa, dedicated to showcasing undergraduate works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and essays



An undergraduate social science journal with a primary focus on sociology

Vol. 1


Her Campus (at Yale)

A student-led Yale chapter of Her Campus, an online magazine dedicated to empowering college women

The Hippopotamus Literary Magazine

An undergraduate literary magazine dedicated to building a community of writers on campus


A student publication dedicated to exploring personal themes through creative writing and visual art

2014-2018 issues

Light & Truth

A publication dedicated to promoting alternate viewpoints and providing essays, articles, and other works in philosophy, politics, and culture

Negative Space

A student-run oral history project, dedicated to creating a more nuanced portrait of Asian American identity by collecting the voices of students, faculty, and staff at Yale who identify as Asian or Asian American

The New Journal

An undergraduate publication featuring creative nonfiction, long-form journalism and a variety of other student writing and art on topics related to Yale and New Haven


The Octant

A student-run publication at Yale-NUS College, dedicated to promoting free speech and critical discourse

The Politic

An undergraduate journal of politics and culture, covering topics at local, national, and global levels with long-form journalism and online articles


Q Magazine

A student-run LGBTQ-interest publication, created as a resource for students on campus and a celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of the queer community

2011-2014 issues

Rally Point

A journal of military history produced by Yale undergraduates and West Point cadets, featuring interviews and original research

Relatively Dark Blue Neither Purple Nor Green (RDBNPNG)

A music-focused zine published by Yale's student radio WYBC, RDBNPNG features student art and writing on selected themes


A student-run satirical tabloid, covering campus gossip with releases such as the annual "Yale's 50 most beautiful people" and freshman issues


A sister publication to the Yale Undergraduate Research Journal, with content including profiles of undergraduate researchers

These Fifty States

An online student periodical devoted to capturing aspects and experiences of place across America


The Turnaround

A magazine of the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective, dedicated to showcasing the jazz community on campus and in the New Haven


A publication of the Yale Daily News, featuring student-written reviews, personal essays, and articles about arts and culture on both campus and non-campus related Yale subjects


The Yale Daily News

An undergraduate-run daily newspaper serving Yale University and New Haven, with student reportage on a variety of subjects

Back issues

Historical archives

The Yale Daily News Magazine

A student publication of the Yale Daily News, featuring long-form journalism, personal essays, and creative writing, including topics related to Yale and New Haven


The Yale Economic Review

A bi-annual student journal of popular economics, dedicated to reporting on developments in the field of economics to a broad audience

2017 issue

The Yale Entrepreneur Magazine

A student publication dedicated to sparking interest and awareness in Yale’s culture of entrepreneurship with profiles, interviews, and essays

2014 issue

The Yale Epicurean

An undergraduate food and wine magazine, featuring a variety of student food writing with profiles, reviews, recipes, and essays.

2011-2012 issues

The Yale Free Press

An undergraduate independent news publication, featuring student writing on culture and politics

The Yale Global Health Review

An undergraduate health publication featuring student commentary, reporting, and research centered around issues of global health

The Yale Globalist

An undergraduate publication with a focus on international affairs, including politics, culture, and economics, featuring a variety of student writing on selected themes

The Yale Herald

A weekly undergraduate publication featuring content such as long-form journalism, creative writing, reviews, and writing on arts and culture, including topics related to Yale and New Haven


The Yale Historical Review

An undergraduate journal dedicated to publishing both opinion and long-form scholarship on contemporary and historical global issues such as foreign policy and international trends in law, culture, and the environment


The Yale Human Rights Journal

An undergraduate publication dedicated to furthering conversations about human rights, featuring student articles on a range of human rights topics from around the globe

The Yale Israel Journal

An undergraduate publication dedicated to providing a space for the discussion of and education on all issues pertaining to Israel and Palestine, featuring a variety of student pieces on related topics

Yale Journal of Behavioral Economics

An undergraduate publication dedicated to promoting exploration of and engagement with the field of behavioral economics

The Yale Journal of Economics

A student-run journal showcasing original undergraduate research in the field of economics

2013-2014 issues

The Yale Journal of Medicine & Law

A publication dedicated to contributing to and enriching discourse on health policy and politics by providing both local and national student perspectives, featuring student-led interviews and articles

The Yale Layer

An undergraduate magazine dedicated to fostering dialogue, personal narratives, and creative expression about mental health, featuring student writing such as poetry, personal essays, journalistic pieces, interviews, and art of many mediums

The Yale Literary Magazine

A semesterly magazine dedicated to showcasing the creative work of Yale undergraduates, featuring interviews, poetry, prose, and artwork

The Yale Literary Review

A semesterly undergraduate-run magazine publishing student artwork and reviews of literature, film and other forms of art

The Yale Logos

A semesterly undergraduate journal of Christian thought, featuring student writing on a variety of themes


The Yale Philosophy Review

An annual journal dedicated to showcasing original philosophic thought by undergraduate students from around the world

2008 issue

The Yale Record

An undergraduate humor magazine, featuring student writing and art on a variety of different subjects


The Yale Review of Disability Experience

An undergraduate journal dedicated to creating a platform for the expression of the disability experience through student articles, opinion pieces, essays, and non-print multimedia

The Yale Review of International Studies

An undergraduate journal dedicated to publishing both opinion and long-form scholarship on contemporary and historical global issues such as foreign policy and international trends in law, culture, and the environment

The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology

An annual student journal dedicated to showcasing original research in psychology by undergraduates from around the world

2009-2018 issues

The Yale Scientific Magazine

A student-run quarterly publication showcasing scientific research at Yale and beyond, featuring a variety of student articles, essays, and profiles

The Yale State and Local Policy Review

A student-run nonpartisan policy journal dedicated to publishing original research and analysis from undergraduates and graduates around the country of use to local and state policymakers as well as academics

The Yale Undergraduate Research Journal

An undergraduate journal publishing recent student work from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM fields online and in print, sister publication of Symposia