Becton326 @ Yale

materials engineering in momentum space

Welcome to Becton 326 @ Yale!

We are a research group using momentum-resolved spectroscopies, most notably angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, to discover, understand, and engineer novel physical properties of “quantum materials”. We take main residence in Rm 326 at the Yale Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center. The team comes together with a shared ultimate dream: make designer solid materials of a desired property via physical and molecular engineering, aka 21st century alchemy.

If you are interested in superconductors, thin magnets, ultrahigh vacuum, powerful ultraviolet laser and/or the notorious reciprocal space, you have found the right spot.

Why are certain materials better superconductors?

How does a metal get turned into an insulator?

Can a metal gain insulator traits, e.g. ferroelectricity?

Can itinerant electrons help make a stronger magnet?

How do lattice strain and domain affect magnetism?

How does 2D magnetism evolve into 3D?

Extend ARPES sample environment to > 500K

Micron-spot ARPES with on-chip photonics

Quantum simulation with supramolecular assembly

Our research wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of:

Yale University

National Science Foundation